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About Complicated Reality

How do you make your art?
I use a variety of digital tools to create my art. For fractals, I like working with Fractorium and Ultra Fractal. For vector work, I like Inkscape and Vectr. For post-processing, I like Paint.NET. Some of the neural networks I work with include NeuralStyle, Dreamscope, and DeepDreamGenerator.
What does the name Complicated Reality mean?
Complicated Reality is a bit of geeky word play. Traditional fractals are mappings of formulae with both "complex" and "real" numbers. Beyond that, I frequently explore the boundary between knowledge, belief, and reality in my art. The reality I experience with you is too complicated for simple answers, thus we share a Complicated Reality.
What is the Faezer Rae?
Recently, the Complicated Reality studio gained a new partner, the Faezer Rae Laser Studio. Operated by my brilliant sister Rissa Rae, the Faezer Rae is a laser engraver that opens up a ton of exciting new opportunities for artistic exploration. A talented artist on her own, Rissa brings a charming, characterful style to the table that you're sure to fall in love with.
Do you make everything yourself?
Almost everything. I produce all of the paper art prints in-house, including the mini-prints, the hypershine prints, and the shimmer posters. All of the laser-cut and engraved products are made in-house, assembled and finished by hand in collaboration with Faezer Rae Laser Studio. Metal prints, canvas prints, and tapestries are produced with carefully selected print partners. I care a lot about the impact of my productions and work hard to find producers with ethical, local, environmentally conscious production. When you buy something here, you can be sure that everyone involved is being paid a fair wage, and that the item is being produced with renewable resources and green-friendly standards.
Do you accept commissions?
I do! I love creating tailored designs, logos, and art for personal or commercial products. In addition, through my partnership with the Faezer Rae Laser Studio, I can offer custom laser-engravings and wood art. I specialize in an iterative process that hones in on the perfect design for your project quickly, and most projects have a turnaround time of under two weeks. I require a non-refundable deposit of $50 or 50% of the total project cost, (whichever is greater), for all commissioned work. For a free bid, please send me an email detailing your project and your artistic needs.

To help you plan your projects, here are some estimated project prices:

Digital Art Designs - Custom fractal renders, neural-net artworks, engraving heightmaps, or other unique art, meant for personal use. $50 - $150

Logo / Cover Designs - Art for a commercial projects, including brand logos, social media banners, book covers, or other promotional media. Includes commercial license for re-use and printing. $100 - $250

Custom Laser Engraving -
Your art or mine, adapted, engraved, and cut, using the Faezer Rae. $50 - $200

Custom Clothing -
Colorful and comfortable clothing and home decor featuring my art, produced by a print partner in Montreal. See my catalog on Art of Where for examples. Custom designs: $50 - $100 for design + 1 piece of clothing. Bulk pricing available for orders of 6+ identical items.

Poetry -
Ink and lasers on wood and papers are the ways I make a living,
but if that's all of me you saw, there's a lot that you'd be missing.
The words I say have a way of making people smile,
and I've been known to pen a poem for pay once in a while.
$25 per stanza, ~4-8 lines each.

Listed rates are estimates, the final price will depend on complexity and render size.

Shipping, Returns, and Refunds

How are orders shipped?
All of my in-house productions are shipped from Oregon. Metal prints, tapestries, and canvas prints are shipped from partner facilities within the US and Canada. Art prints come unframed unless specified; larger prints may be rolled and shipped in a tube for protection. Laser art is carefully padded to prevent chips and scrapes. Shipping is free within the US.
Do you ship internationally?
I'm happy to fulfill international orders, but I have to make special shipping arrangements. To get a quote for an international order, please send me an email listing the art you want and your location. I'll get back to you within two days with details about shipping and pricing.
How long does shipping take?
All of the art sold here is made-to-order. When your order is placed, production takes 1-3 days, then the order is packed and shipped. Shipping typically takes 4-7 business days— however it can be slower during busy seasons. If your order hasn't arrived within 3 weeks, please send me an email.
What is your return policy?
Because the products are made-to-order, I am not able to offer refunds or returns except in cases where the art arrives damaged or doesn't arrive at all. If you need to cancel an order, there is a short window of time to do so in the hours immediately after the order is placed. However, once the order has begun production, the order is locked in. If you need to report a broken or missing order, please send me an email.

Payments and Privacy

How do you secure my billing information?
Complicated Reality relies on Stripe for payment processing. When you place an order using the secure checkout form on this site, your payment information is NOT shared with me. Stripe handles the interaction using their state-of-the-art security practices, which you can read about on their website. However, I do receive a copy of your shipping address, because I have to know where to send your order. Your shipping address will be saved in my customer database next to your name, order history, and email address. This is a private list, and I do not sell access to this information. I won't send promotional emails unless you specifically choose to join the Complicated Reality mailing list.
How do you handle data privacy?
Complicated Reality utilizes a standard Google tracking pixel to help me see which parts of the site are the most useful for visitors. This gives me anonymized data about the time of day and general area of the world visitors to my site come from. I do not have individualized tracking enabled and do not plan to use such services.

On pages where a social media share button is present, there may be a tracking pixel for that social media site. Clicking the share button will naturally expose details to the relevant social media platform about your visit. Otherwise, I do not use this social media tracking to identify customers, and I do not sell access to that data.

Complicated Reality does make use of a cookie, as the mandatory pop-up surely alerted you to. This is used to allow the cart functionality on the site. If you remove this cookie, the site will forget anything that was in your cart and will display the cookie pop-up on your next visit. Feel free to clean out your Complicated Reality cookies anytime.

Complicated Reality is hosted on the Webflow platform and utilizes checkout functionality built in to their tools. Details about your visit and any orders you place will necessarily be communicated to their servers.

If you'd like to browse more anonymously, Complicated Reality should operate fine using most standard script-blocking tools, and I do not personally mind at all if you do. Please note that the checkout form may need to be permitted in order to place an order.

I do not run third-party ads on Complicated Reality, so the site should work perfectly with any ad-blocking software enabled.