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A glowing yellow ball cruises down a spiraling neon path.


A flowery burst design in greens, blues, and purples.


A fiery swirl breaks out in the clouds above a dark mountain.

Fire On The Mountain

A glowing, fuming mandala design in dangerous red and yellow.


A watercolor white tiger basks in golden sun.

Sun's Still Out

A colorful, curious crab strolls along the beach.

Surf Walker

Translucent purple balls zip around an abstract space, leaving trails.

Party Particles

Bands of rainbow color twist in a surreal ribbon shape.

Off Label

A colorful lion with a distant stare and a wild mane.

Lonely Pride

An astronaut takes in the view

Out Past the Air

A familiar animal face decorated in abstract coloring

Wise Eye

A magical moon rising between two pyramids

Moon Ritual

Shiny bands and tracks of white and gold curve through surreal tubes

Sonic Interchange

Ribbons of yellow and white energy emit from a central black hole

Synaptic Response

A warm summer sun made of fractal linework.

Sunny Day

An artistic impression of a brain that has been awake for too long

Still Up

Wavy strands of hair in sleek blue, purple and red tones.

Her Hair Sometimes

A sunburnt mandala with a green flower in the center.

Changing the Prescription


A hollow sun shining colorful ribbons of rainbow light.

Sun Hole

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