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A drippy abstract eye shape in blacklight neon colors.

Lazy Eye

An abstract splatter shape constructed out of irregular bits.

Don't Ask Me

Vibrant streaks of color form a distorted sphere around a central point of blue.


A fiery butst of energy with whipping ribbons and smokey trails


Two giant orange star systems share a weaving tendril of bright commerce.

Intergalactic Trade

A crystalline orb with sharp spires and a dark core, in vaporwave blue and pink.

Pod City

A complex nest of machinery and wires in a mandala arrangement around the sun.

Dyson Apparatus

A stringy glowing sunshine with a vibrant blue core set against dark green space

Last Minutes of Sun

An abstract texture like a bedsheet being pulled into a knot, in sunset colors.

Invert Sunset

A citrus colored orb with curved bands swirling to a center vortex.

Strange Fruit

A five-armed spiral vortex of yellow and white angled shapes.

Rabbit Hole

An abstract golden diamond houses a complex tiling of inner geometry.


An abstract orange and red ball glowing with complicated internal structure.



Old Planet

Mountain Mind

A polar reflection of abstract fronds in vaporwave pinks, purples, and blues.

Flower Focus

Pressure Wave

Mapping Party

An abstract sunset through a lens with a fresnel-like lens with an eye shape.


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