About Yamen

Yamen is a laser fractal space wizard.

My Beginning

In 2018, a personal awakening showed me a path out of the deep depression I'd been living in. A future where my mind was used to create, not just to critique. A world where I could be proud of my contributions. A dream of artistic passion to chase. So I dived into the deep and beautiful world of fractal art, found tools that fit my peculiar mind, and discovered a joy I'd long forgotten. My creativity flooded my mind like a broken dam, and I've been riding that current ever since.

My Name

I picked the name Complicated Reality for several reasons. It is the way I see our world, a place where nuance lurks behind every question, and summaries are simply insufficient. It is a reminder that there's always more to to truth than meets the eye. And it's a bit of nerdy wordplay, as fractals are often mappings of Complex numbers on a Real number plane.

My Site

The Complicated Reality site was created to serve as a hub for my creative efforts. A home for my stories and poetry, a place to share my deeper thoughts, a gallery to show off my art, and a space to toy around with new ideas to entertain and delight. I try to keep my site as a pleasant place to browse, without the usual noise of advertising, click-bait, and attention hijacking. For fans who want my colors in their spaces, I do have prints, clothing, and other accessories available in my shop.

My Mark

My art can be found around the world on six continents. One of my most popular designs will be included in a lunar time capsule aboard the Peregrine lander, headed to the literal moon. I've created art for music festivals, book covers, album art, VJ loops, and music videos, and I'd be happy to talk about commissions for a project you're involved in. In the real world, you can often find my table at art shows around Oregon.