Meet Yamen


Hi, I'm Yamen. Welcome to my Complicated Reality.

I'm an artist and a storyteller, and occasionally a Laser Fractal Space Wizard. I make my art using complicated tools and technology, including fractal rendering, laser engraving, and neural network processing. Since 2018, I've been exploring the creative capacities of modern tech, writing about creative and introspective mindsets, and creating lots of art.

My art can be found around the world on six continents, one of my most popular designs will be included in a lunar time capsule aboard the Peregrine lander, headed to the moon. I've created art for music festivals, book covers, album art, VJ loops, and music videos, and you can often find my table at art shows around Oregon.

Artistically, I hope to demonstrate how even the most complicated systems have room for creative expression. I believe our capacity to create art is broadened by our rapidly evolving technical achievements, and I hope to inspire others to incorporate digital tools in their creative workflows. As a writer, I share my hard-earned perspectives on managing some of the pitfalls of modern living. I struggled with deep depression for nearly a decade before finding my new calling as an artist, and I've learned a few tricks to help put a worried mind back on a productive track. But I also tell silly stories about spaceships and wizards and write poetry about nearly everything.