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I do things a little different here at Complicated Reality. Instead of a warehouse full of product mockups to page through, I show you the types of products I offer, then let you select which art design you'd like adapted to the product you select. It's my way of making the online ordering process more direct, less wasteful, and more adaptable. I make a custom adaptation for every order, so if you want the colors changed, some text added, or there's anything else you'd like tweaked to make the design suit your taste, let me know in the order form. My goal is to make each order unique and keep a handcrafted, artisan sense to my products. When you order, you'll be getting something no one else has!

Orders placed are currently expected to arrive before Christmas. Plan to order sooner than Dec. 1st to ensure holiday delivery, and check this page for updates as the season progresses.

Wholesale pricing is available if you are looking to order 10 or more of a product with the same design and size options. For large orders like this, or to inquire about retailer rates, email me.

Ethical Production

One of the benefits of my approach is that I can minimize my environmental impact. Mass produced products clog warehouses, recycle bins, and landfills around the world. I try to avoid ordering products that may go unused, and only create physical adaptations when they are ordered. In this spirit, I thoroughly review the labor practices and supply chains for each of the vendors I work with. I only work with vendors that are certified to hold to western labor standards. All of my printers operate within the US and Canada, except for certain fulfillment centers for European orders. While some of the base materials are imported, each vendor has passed ethics inspections and maintains proper oversight over their supply chains. I try my best to insist on minimal packaging, and I don't spend extra packing in brand tags and stickers that only end up in the waste basket.

Shipping and Returns

Shipping is included in the listed price for any address in North America. (That's right Canada, I ship to you now!) Many products can be shipped worldwide by special arrangement, send me an email if you live overseas. Production typically takes about one week, but may take up to 4 weeks during busy holiday seasons. Products are typically shipped via USPS Express Ground, and take 3-5 days to arrive after production finishes. Because each design is made to order, I only accept returns for broken or defective products. If your order arrives damaged, majorly misprinted, or if you receive the wrong product entirely, please email me within 7 days of receiving your order to arrange a replacement.

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Please note, the images below are examples of my work adapted to the products I offer. When you order, you will select a design from my gallery, and I will make a custom adaptation. Because I do all my adaptations by hand, it is not feasible to show mockups of how each design would look on each product. The pictures below are illustrative of the quality of the products I produce, and I routinely review my catalog for quality.

Art Prints

I offer art prints on a variety of mediums in a wide selection of sizes. This is the traditional way to display art you've fallen in love with, and a great way to bring some color and joy to an empty space. With the exceptions of Canvas and Metal prints, these prints ship unframed. Shipping frames is prohibitively expensive and environmentally wasteful, but there are surely craft stores in your area that will be happy to help you frame an order if you so desire. Large prints are shipped rolled in a protective tube.

Giclée paper prints are printed on ultra high quality Giclée paper for the richest color. Perfect for framing, scrapbooking, or simply pinned up, these gallery quality prints are affordable and stylish.

Metallic Finish prints are printed on special pearl stock paper with metallic inks that shine and sparkle, providing a surreal appeal. This extra touch really brings a unique style and a depth to the color that is hard to match.

For larger prints on a budget, my paper Poster prints are a quick and easy way to get cool art on a wall without fuss. Printed on high quality photo paper, these are popular among students and artists looking to adapt and reuse a design. (I offer a discount on posters ordered for schools and other educational institutions! Please email me for subsidized rates.)

Canvas prints capture the classic painterly feel, and come stretched over wooden frames, ready to hang. These lightweight, long-lasting prints are sure to impress your art minded friends and help you give decorate with a gallery feel.

For a more modern take, my Hanging Canvas prints keep the texture of a canvas print in a sleek, "wall-scroll" hanging mount. Easy to move with the included mounting wire, these are a fun, new way to put your favorite art on display.

Metal Prints are my personal favorite way to show off my art. Printed on recycled aluminum, these sturdy prints are easy to hang with the built in frames, and the color is unreal. The polished finish give these prints a unique depth and eye-catching sheen that compliments the fractal nature of my work in a special way. These also come in the largest size (other than the mega tapestry), up to a whopping 96 inch centerpiece that demands attention from any distance.

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Home Decor and Accessories

Tapestries come in four sizes, from 36" up to the whopping 104" Mega size, these are one of my most popular products. Printed in very high quality using supersized digital renders, these capture the detail and complexity of even my most intricate designs wonderfully. Perfect for filling a large space with stunning art, and light enough to hang with ease. One of these is the centerpiece here at the Complicated Reality studio, and it continues to impress visitors all the time.

For writers and note takers, I offer ring bound Notebooks featuring my art on the cover. Take advantage of my Art on Demand customization to order notebooks with topic titles printed on the front, free of charge! These come with 80 lined pages each. If your thoughts need more room, consider the cover bound Journals. With 160 lined pages each and a firm cover, these will keep your important work safe in style.

Give your daily coffee or tea an art boost with one of my 15 oz Mugs. These ceramic mugs are sturdy, dishwasher safe, and come with a black base and your chosen design printed in a wrap around the front of the mug. Easy to clean, impressive to look at, these mugs make great gifts.

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Mens / Masc Clothing

I love adapting my art to clothing, and recent advancements in printing technology allow me to design clothing with prints that cover all of the fabric. This means bright, eye catching designs that show your sense of style while feeling fresh and new. Here's my collection of Mens, Masc, and Unisex fit clothing.

All Complicated Reality clothing is created with a blend of EcoPoly and spandex. This is a smooth, slightly stretchy fabric that holds vibrant colors even after  heavy wear and machine washing, hang dries quickly, and is produced using ethically milled fiber.

Crew Tee Shirts
are the classic cut but slightly longer than typical store shirts.

V-Necks are similar, but with an angled, accented neckline.

Athletic Tees have a tighter, form fitting cut, and come in sizes up to 3XL.

Tank Tops have a long fit, deep U-neck, and thin shoulders.

Leggings are soft and stretchy, and come in sizes up to 6XL.

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Womens / Femme Clothing

I love adapting my art to clothing, and recent advancements in printing technology allow me to design clothing with prints that cover all of the fabric. This means bright, eye catching designs that show your sense of style while feeling fresh and new. Here's my collection of Womens, and Femme fitted clothing.

All Complicated Reality clothing is created with a blend of EcoPoly and spandex. This is a smooth, slightly stretchy fabric that holds vibrant colors even after  heavy wear and machine washing, hang dries quickly, and is produced using ethically milled fiber

Crew Tee Shirts
are always in style, and mine come in a comfortable, slightly long cut.

Cropped Top Shirts are cut a bit higher, sitting a bit above the waist for a breezy summer look. Crew neck with dropped shoulders.

V-Neck Shirts have an angled, accented neckline.

Athletic Tees are form fitting and sleek, like a cycling jersey.

Tank Tops are sleeveless and lightweight for heavy workouts or hot days.

Cover up in alluring style with my Kimono Robes. Silky smooth fabric, complete with folding front and sash let you lounge in comfort and charm. For warmer weather, the Draped Kimono hangs free and open from the shoulders, like a breezy vest. For colder weather, the longer sleeves and lower trim of the Peignoir let you cover up while looking sharp.

Fitted Skirts are sleek and form-fitting, with a mid-thigh cut off. Flare Skirts are looser, flaring out to the mid-thigh. Wrap Skirts are versatile fabric wraps that work as skirts, shawls, and cover-ups.

Bodycon Dresses are slim and form-fitting with tank-top sytle shoulder straps and a mid-thigh cut. Flare Dresses flare out from the hips for a looser, more active cut.

Planning to get wet? Make a splash with some sporty swim wear. Full cover One-Piece Swimsuits let you show off your favorite design out in the sun. Or show a little more skin with a reversible Bikini, available as a set or in parts.

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Custom print bedding is a cozy way to bring some flair into your bedroom. My selection of blankets are perfect for cuddling up during a cold night, and the bright, vivid colors lighten up your room with unique designs.

Snuggle up with my Sherpa Blankets, thick warm sherpa fleece on the inside, beautiful, print on the outside. These have become my favorite blankets, as the thick, soft warmth is comforting in almost any setting.

For something a little lighter weight, I also have simple Fleece Blankets, featuring some of the softest, fuzziest fleece you've ever touched.

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Head Wear

For those with wild hair or cold heads, I have a few styles of head wear.

Beanies come in 6 sizes, and feature a wrap-around print that covers the entire outside. Inside, a super soft bamboo lining gives these hats a warm, slightly stretchy feel. Vivid colors and stylish designs made these a very popular item at my art shows last summer.

Headbands are closed loop, stretchy, and super versatile. They hold your hair together as any headband should, but they can easily be pulled down to be a quick face mask, a scarf, or even twisted into an armband. The silky, stretchy poly-blend fabric captures the brilliant colors of my brightest designs, and the utility of these can't be beat.

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