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Daily work from the early days of the Complicated Reality gallery.

Daily Doses of Art

Starting in late 2018, I set a goal to produce something creative every single day. For almost 2 years, I mostly kept pace, and produced hundreds of designs, stories, poems, and animations. While not all of that content has survived as the page grows and changes, most of it can be found throughout the gallery, and every post in there is in the style of a Daily Dose. These days I don't require the rigor of such a schedule, but I'll always cherish the growth and confidence this project brought to my work.

laughter is the best medicine

Abby's Giggle Therapy

Laughter is the best medicine, and the earnest laughter of your friends and loved ones can be a powerful mood boost. With this in mind, my partner Abby and created a 30 second meditation video of her highly contagious, intense giggle fits to use as a quick pick-me-up whenever we're feeling down. Give a try, it might make you smile.

Yamen's collected writing


I have been writing on the internet for decades, but mostly in temporary places that aren't so easy revisit like forum posts, social media comments, message boards and chat rooms. A few years ago, Complicated Reality was started to serve as an easy index of some of my favorite works, so I could more easily share them with strangers and friends. While the site has grown into quite a bit more, this corner remains as a peek at the deeper structures of my thoughts. From short stories and parables, to song lyrics and guided meditations, there's a lot to explore. Enjoy!

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