Secret Room

Congratulations, you found the Secret Room! I know, it wasn't hidden particularly well, but you'd be surprised at how few users make it here.
Occasionally I build something that doesn't fit anywhere else on my site, so I stick it here in the Secret Room as a reward for curious visitors. Some of these projects are temporary, some are meant to stick around, so check back every now and then to see if a new secret has been revealed.

laughter is the best medicine

Abby's Giggle Therapy

Laughter is the best medicine, and the earnest laughter of your friends and loved ones can be a powerful mood boost. With this in mind, my partner Abby and created a 30 second meditation video of her highly contagious, intense giggle fits to use as a quick pick-me-up whenever we're feeling down. Give a try, it might make you smile.

Yamen's collected writing


I have been writing on the internet for decades, but mostly in temporary places that aren't so easy revisit like forum posts, social media comments, message boards and chat rooms. A few years ago, Complicated Reality was started to serve as an easy index of some of my favorite works, so I could more easily share them with strangers and friends. While the site has grown into quite a bit more, this corner remains as a peek at the deeper structures of my thoughts. From short stories and parables, to song lyrics and guided meditations, there's a lot to explore. Enjoy!

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