Complicated Cities


What does a skyline mean to you?
A city’s skyline takes on a special place in the minds of the people who live and work there. It’s not just in impressive testament of human ingenuity, but it’s a panorama of buildings full of memories and experiences. It’s art that we live in, and are a part of. It’s the painting we step into every day. It’s a character in our stories. It’s the background of our daily commute. And it’s the sight that lets us know when we’re home.

Complicated Cities is a project where I contrast the rich meaning we invest in our favorite cities and their skylines with the context-free processes of neural network imaging and fractal texturing. These skylines are not painted with a brush, they are rendered by a complicated computer network using an advanced technique known as Style Transfer. To romanticize the process, these are a computer’s idea of what a city looks like, if the computer was inspired by the Daily Dose of Art.

Complicated Vancouver B.C.

Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada

Hollywood gets the spotlight, but Vancouver is behind a lot of our favorite movies, shows, and media. A beautiful city full of kind, creative souls stands as a statement of human accomplishment on the edge of an awe-inspiring frontier.