Complicated Companions

Animals have always been a part of the human experience, and the companionship they offer us bring love, joy, comfort, and protection to our lives. Here I offer a unique way to commemorate your favorite animals, by creating artistic renditions of them using the same complex technology I use in my other art. Don't be fooled by the painterly appearance, each image below is created by a carefully tuned neural net. Check out a few of my favorite furry friends, and read on to learn how to request a render of your own pet.


Jane visits the studio often to tear Yamen away from the screen and make sure he gets enough exercise. Sometimes known as a "spicy raisin", she plays hard with her full size friends.


Harley is the watchful guardian of the studio. But when no one else is around to see, she curls up in bed and purrs all night long.


Max lives next door to the studio, and is always an eager companion when we go for a walk. Loyal and friendly, Max has endless love for the world.


Johnny loved cuddling up in laps, chasing birds, and belly scratches. His smile took up his whole face, so you always knew he was happy to see you.