I have been writing on the internet for decades, but mostly in temporary places that aren't so easy revisit like forum posts, social media comments, message boards and chat rooms. A few years ago, Complicated Reality was started to serve as an easy index of some of my favorite works, so I could more easily share them with strangers and friends. While the site has grown into quite a bit more, this corner remains as a peek at the deeper structures of my thoughts. From short stories and parables, to song lyrics and guided meditations, there's a lot to explore. Enjoy!

One time I paused a game to restore an old save, and stopped to think about what happened to the current versions of the characters on screen.

Religion can be a tough subject, but it's a pretty fundamental one to the human experience, and I've spent a fair amount of time at different parts of the spectrum of belief. Keeping our deepest beliefs hidden from each other will not lead us to gain empathy with one another.

My favorite way to teach a lesson is with a story, so it's natural that from time to time I find myself writing stories to tell children. This was my attempt at a modern Christmas holiday tale, and it still brings a joyful tear to my eye every time I read it.

Based on some details in the original copy, this was first written in 2011 or so. It's an early example of Yamen playing shaman on the internet.

I can't really sing, but I love to write in rhyme. This popped out of my head on the bus to work one day.

I've held many philosophies up as the truth in my life, but they've all been ways of decorating this idea. This is "what I believe", at least for now.

This poem had such a simple conceptual hook, but let me get a lot off my mind in a fun way.

I was hard at work on a totally unrelated project one night, and had to stop everything to let this autobiographical song pour out of my head. My story is far from done, and there's plenty more twists and turns that I glossed over, but this is probably the most amusing way to know how I got to be where I am today.

This is the intro to a longer series about this character, the Button Master. It's a fun vessel to examine our relationships with technology, and explore the intricacies of policy making.

A desperate redditor asked how to take control of their habit. This is a battle I've fought, so I lent my experience.

Complicated Reality, in it's earliest incarnation, began as a site to share this exact story. Originally written for a worried stranger online sometime in the early 2010's, this story has gone on to soothe the minds of many monks in the years I've been telling it.

A new medical user was having a hard time finding a real step-by-step guide to setting a dosing schedule, so I wrote this guide to illuminate the process.

This is another story that my brain wrote for me in secret and then delivered almost fully formed while I was in the shower one day in mid 2019.

This sad homage to faded friends carries a lot of sorrow. Growing up, and more specifically, growing apart is hard. People who are so important to you now can be dusty memories later. It hurts, but it hurts more to bury it.