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Human Poetry

Laser Fractal Space Magic is a collection of over 70 of my best poems. Written between 2018 and 2022, edited and revised. 100 pages of poems about magic, technology, outer space and the inner mind.

Artificially Illustrated

My poetry is illustrated for the first time, thanks to the advancements artificially generated art. I worked with the Dall-E 2 "AI Art" generator to fill the pages with more than 40 artificial doodles. Artificial art is a complicated subject, but in this case it empowered me to produce the illustrated poetry book I've been dreaming of since childhood.

Silly and Sincere

I write in a playful, introspective style inspired by writers like Shel Silverstein, Stanislaw Lem, and Philip K. Dick. In this collection, you'll find poems about misbehaving planets, magical creatures, communications technology, arcade games, peculiar weather, and even a talking rock with a tale to tell. It also contains poetic explorations of the world around me, both digital and natural, and a few of the deeper secrets I've learned as I've grown into the Laser Fractal Space Wizard you know and love.

Written for Curious Minds

I wrote these poems for anyone curious enough to read them, and I've been mindful about the subject matter included. There are no poems about violence or sex, and nothing I'd consider vulgar. Most of the book is appropriate for all ages. However, there are a few references to cannabis and a handful of depictions of my depression. These more mature poems are organized in a clearly labeled section in the back of the book, and are recommended for readers aged 12+.