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Authentic Human Poetry.

Writing is just too much fun for me to want to ask a robot to take over. So everything here was written flesh-on-key sometime between 2018 and now. Poetry is a game of language to me, a puzzle of cadence and rhyme through which I can capture even my silliest thoughts. Though my meters are familiar more often than not, most of these are truly meant to be read aloud, and from time to time I'll rely on a clever tongue to turn a phrase. Prefer to listen? Some poems have video players embedded with a performance of the poem.

Sci-Fi Poems

Algae Rhythms

They ruin everything

Sci-Fi, Internet, Humor
Jupiter's Feast

A Bully Planet

Sci-Fi, Space, Humor
Metal Kids

Are we ready?

Featured, Sci-Fi, Future, Nerdy
Sentinels vs Dragons

A Poetic Tryptich

Sci-Fi, Nerdy
Shiny Future

An Alternative Perspective

Sci-Fi, Future, Internet

Fantasy Poems

Amber Lady

Written for a D&D Villain

Fantasy, Gaming
Cave Diver

A Dungoneer's Dismay

Fantasy, Nerdy
Fire Flock

The Plural of Phoenix

Fantasy, Nerdy

An Impossible Creature

Featured, Fantasy, Drugs, Humor
Moon Dress

Lunar Magic

Fantasy, Love
Sun's Still Out

A Peculiar Date

Featured, Fantasy, Love
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Nerdy Poems


One Quarter at a Time

Gaming, Nerdy
Artist Statement

What I'm In It For

Featured, Mind, Nerdy
Cave Diver

A Dungoneer's Dismay

Fantasy, Nerdy
Data Dance

Wiggling Wires

Internet, Nerdy
Fire Flock

The Plural of Phoenix

Fantasy, Nerdy
Lag Spike


Internet, Nerdy

Other Poems

Late Night Shopping

An Ode to Empty Aisles

Featured, Mind, Self
Boiling Gravity

I got dizzy one summer

Mind, Nature, Self
Wonder If

I Wonder If You'll Read It

Mind, Self
Sand and a Plan

Both Change

Featured, Humor, Love
Going Faster

Thoughts About Tomorrow

Featured, Future
Morphine Sue

Waking from the Dream

Just a Stubbed Toe

The Frustration Trap

Mind, Anxiety, Self
Days In May

Expiremental Meters

Nature, Self, Love
What I Need

Health is a Process

Mind, Anxiety, Self
Inner Rhythms

Body Magic

Mind, Self
Last One Standing

Winner takes Earth

Mind, Nature, Humor
Just Ask Sometimes

The Simplest Spell

Mind, Anxiety, Self


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