Frozen Rain

Whipping tentacles of silver rain spray in stormy winds of blue and black.


Two bright blue focal points project a butterfly shaped void in an infinitely detailed fractal webbing.

Sunset Resonator

Three designs with machine-like textures and geometric accents.


An abstract yellow orb shape made out of recursive orange and blue geometric flowers.

Synthetic Universe

Hollow planetary bubbles float in a glowing nebula of soft orange and pink, against a deep blue space background.

Fire Ripples

Three renders featuring abstract topography and swirling bubbles demonstrate the wide range of a single fractal construction.


A glowing geometric bubble of hexagons on the left emits a beam of simple geometric shapes towards a smaller attractor on the right side, in vivid oranges, bright pinks, and rich purples.

Space Princess

A shimmering purple fractal orb resonates with orange lines of energy, channelled into a focal point on either side.

Sea Signal

A mandala of dots and blocky geometric waves, in blue, orange, and purple.

Fresh Eyes

A glowing orange orb hovers in a bubble surrounded by a curvy green background cut by a wavy yellow ribbon.


A brilliant yellow sun with a woven, geometric core emits smaller photons of a similar construction against a wavy blue sky.


Glowing cubes in orange, red, and purple hues stack in impossible ways, cut by a wave of energy through the middle.

The Fae Courts

A four part series charting the procession of the seasonal courts of the fae.


A vibrant, surreal eye in bold oranges, reds and yellows.

Soul Server

Dark blue tendrils swarm towards a neon green central funnel shape where human-shaped souls are processed and sent on their way.

Taking It In

A lush and vibrant abstract eye looks out at the hazy patterns of reality in purple and yellow tones.


A weave of fibrous orange ribbons wrapped into a double spiral pattern against a soft, spacey background.


A cloudy blue shape is pulled into two opposed spiral vortexes, with billowing orange energy around them.


Rich, warm ambers and oranges curl in on each other in smooth, bulging shapes.

Orange Theory

A glittering orange and silver crown, glowing and resplendent.

Watermelon Monster

A glowing green monster with a fruit-red maw hovers along against a golden background.

Koi Petals

Swirling plumes of inky red and yellow dye with intricate texturing.

Vapor Eyes

The piercing gaze of a vibrant, neon eye shining through a warm orange cap

Side Channel

A digital fairy takes a side route through a congested traffic tunnel.

Signal Flow

A shining packet of data on it's way between two nodes


A spiral of warmly glowing, abstract leaves in citrus colors.

Winter Winds

Swirling white ribbons form a flowering double spiral around two warm orange hearths.

Dragons vs Sentinels

A fierce battle between fiery dragons and giant robot sentinels.