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Helping People is Part of the Magic

Complicated Reality began a month before I started making art, as a place to collect various bits of writing I'd composed in internet forums over the last decade. Spending time sharing wisdom with people who need it is a critical part of my creative process, and the advice that resonates with a lot of people gets turned into a guide here.

Art Guides

An Iterationist Outlook on Making Art

How I See It

Art Guides

Brain Guides

How to Grow Additional Brains

Applied Metaphysics

Brain Guides
The Most Important Lesson

If You Only Learn One Thing From Me

Brain Guides
The Rollercoaster of Letting Go

Down Isn't as Bad as it Looks

Brain Guides

Stoner Guides

A Guide to Getting High

Stoner 101

Stoner Guides
How to Fight the Urge to Get High All The Time

A Guide to Taking a Break

Stoner Guides
How to Tell if Your Habit is Unhealthy

Sensible Limits

Stoner Guides
Managing Tolerance as a Medicinal Cannabis User

Chronic Complications

Stoner Guides
Your Lungs Are Bread

Toking Tips

Stoner Guides


It Keeps Me Up at Night

Reality is Complicated

The Universe is Content With You

Finding Purpose in Any Reality



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