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Believing things is easy, finding truth is tricky.

Reality is in-between, it gets complicated quickly.

I'm Yamen. I'm a Laser Fractal Space Wizard. As I explore the infinite, I create art, stories, riddles, and other creative works. No matter where my adventures take me, out past the stars or deep within my mind, I am enchanted by the detail I find at every level. I don't believe in parallel universes, alternate realities, or fictional canons, instead I think they're all parts of one exquisitely complicated reality.

What does a Laser Fractal Space Wizard Do?

Fractal Art · Poetry · Game Design · Storytelling · Riddle Writing · Web Design · Prints

And I'd be happy to help you bring your idea to life.

Commissions are open.

Looking for prints?

I have a collection of designs available through Saal Digital, the same place I get my gallery quality prints made. You can select from a variety of print mediums and finishing options, along with a few specialty print products like stickers, magnets, and puzzles.

My New Card Game!

Science in the Dark is a card game I designed about scientific observations, creative theories, and impossible science. It's a lightweight party game for 2-8 players, perfect as an icebreaker or warmup game. Its open-ended structure rewards out-of-the-box thinking, and the science theme extends to the gameplay making it a great choice for educational environments.

I'm a Laser Fractal Space Wizard

Trippy, colorful, and surreal, fractal art is a delicate balance of chaos-game mathematics and artistic design. Fractals are my primary artistic medium, they play a central role in my aesthetic, and they represent the way I see a world of infinite detail.

Yes, that's AI. Learn about my art history and my perspectives on AI.

A Kinder Part of the Internet

Complicated Reality is a place where I share cool things with interesting people. My content here is all free, there's no advertising or sponsorship, and my well-being isn't dependent on you signing up for anything. I want your visits here to be comfortable and fun.

But if you'd like to see even more, I run a quiet little Discord server for interesting people like you to talk about life, share their creative passions, and remember a time when the internet was full of wonderful strangers and fascinating new ideas.

I write playful poetry about nerdy topics, geeky thoughts, and stoner philosophy.

Pacific Illusory Orange

Featured, Mind, Nature

How to see a new color
Thirteen Seconds

Featured, Sci-Fi, Space, Future

Interplanetary Bliss
Little Winds

Featured, Nature

Snails are rad
Why I Kick Rocks

Featured, Fantasy, Space, Humor

A Surprising Encounter
Fresh Freeze

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Snow Day
Reality is Complicated

Featured, Nerdy, Self

A Poetic Introduction

"Somewhere between Shel Silverstein and Phillip K. Dick"

I have a poetry book!

Laser Fractal Space Magic collects over 70 of my best poems from 2018 to 2022. Available in paperback and e-book.

Want to meet a wizard?

I live near an enchanted forest, not far from the golden man of Oregon. If you live close enough to know what that means, you can meet me in person at Market for the Strange events. I have a table full of art prints, laser-etched art, poetry cards and scrolls, and other products I don't sell online.

Video Garden

Fractals are more than a still frame can show you. If you've got the bandwidth, why not take your eyes for a stroll through the infinite?

Sky Wizard


Eye Opener

Wizardly Wisdom

From time to time, something I write resonates in a way that helps other people. When that happens, I turn it into a guide, and keep it here to for anyone who needs it.

An Iterationist Outlook on Making Art

How I See It

Art Guides
How to Fight the Urge to Get High All The Time

A Guide to Taking a Break

Stoner Guides
The Universe is Content With You

Finding Purpose in Any Reality