I love making custom art, and I pride myself in working with clients to make sure they love the end result. My iterative design process makes it easy to draft prototypes and get feedback before committing to a final render. My optimized workflows allow me to offer fast turn-around times, often within a week. Take a look at the services I offer, and let me know how I can help.

Digital Art Designs

My art is always digital, and sometimes a digital image file is all you need. Whether you want a detailed fractal render, a stylized render, or my take on a subject of your choice, I'm happy to produce custom art for you. If you want a piece that looks like it comes out of my gallery but tailored to your tastes, this is where to start.

Estimated price: $50 - $150 depending on size, complexity.

Logo / Cover Designs

Working on a project that needs an eye-catching cover or logo? Whether you're looking to promote your newest album, book, podcast, team, event, cause, or celebration, I'm happy to create a full-service design. Let me know about any text, logos, colors, themes, or other elements you need included, and I'll get right to work creating a design that fits your brand perfectly. Need a poster size render? Wall size render? No sweat, I can render to virtually any size you need, just let me know!

Estimated price: $100 - $250 depending on size, complexity.

Fractal Animation Videos

Fractal art becomes even more mesmerizing when it's animated. I specialize in making fractal animations and loops that show off intricate geometries and mind-boggling transformations. Perfect for music videos and other audio content in need of visual appeal. Keep your listener's focus by occupying their eyes with hypnotic fractal folding while they enjoy your content.

Are you an independent musician? I have a special collaboration offer to produce a free fractal video. Contact me for details.

Estimated price: $150 - $300+ depending on length, complexity.

One-of-a-kind / Custom Clothing

Applying my art to clothing brings me a special joy, and I've spent years testing different vendors to make sure I can produce clothing that is comfortable, long lasting, and produced with renewable resources and ethical production standards. I make use of reactive print technology that minimized production waste while producing vibrant colors that are chemically bonded to the fabric. That means my clothing designs don't fade, peel, or crackle over time, and they will keep looking great for years. I keep a store full of clothing options ready for purchase, but if you want something customized or unique, I'm happy to help.

Clothing styles: Beanie Hats, Headbands, Face Masks, Scarves, Shirts, Tank Tops, Jackets, Hoodies, Dresses, Kimono, Skirts, Leggings, Shorts, Jogger Pants, Swimwear.
Estimated price: $50 - $100 for design + 1 piece of clothing.

Want custom clothing for a team, group, or organization? I'm happy to incorporate your logo or other branding elements. Flexible sizing and customization available. Bulk discounts for large orders.

Art Prints and Accessories

Virtually all of the art in my gallery can be adapted into a wide variety of print products. I've taken care to partner with vendors that produce quality prints and products that I'm happy to use myself. I avoid import products, or any products made using unethical labor. Any design in my gallery, or any custom design you order, can be ordered as a print product.

Products: Canvas prints, Paper prints, Framed prints, Aluminum prints, Tapestries, Blankets, Bedding, Bags, Shower Curtains, Bulk Fabric, Mousepads, Journals, Mugs, and more.

Estimated Price: $30 - $125 + shipping for design and 1 product. Additional prints and bulk pricing available.

Poetry and Stories

Are you a fan of my writing? I do take commissions for poetry, prose, story writing and story development. While I specialize in creative narrative and reflective styles, I have plenty of experience writing technical, commercial, persuasive, and educational writing styles as well. Whether you need a passage or piece of writing to compliment a project you're working on, or you just want to hear my take on a particular subject, I'm more than happy to write about almost any topic. I have a peculiar knack for explaining complicated subjects in accessible ways, and building stories with unique settings and unexpected twists. I'm an open-minded writer, willing to explore sensitive or mature topics earnestly and respectfully, but I will turn down requests to write harmful or hateful content.

Are you creating your own story? I offer story development consultation for writers and creators. Tell me about the world or project you're building, and where you're having trouble. I will write speculative plot, character, or story arcs to inspire you and help you find the right direction to take your story. Even the most productive writers need help sometime, and it brings me great joy to assist a fellow creator in telling the best version of their story.

Estimated Prices:
Poetry - Starting at $15 for 4 line verse.
Stories, Lessons, Prose - Starting at $35
Title / Name / Slogan / Motto - $25 for 3 pitches.
Story Consultation - $35 / hr via webcam or chat. $20 for written response.
Story Development - Starting at $50 for spec writing.

Interested in Interactive Fiction? I'm comfortable writing in IF scripts like Twine, and open to discussing custom IF writing projects.

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