Reality is Complicated, I'm here to help.

Want to work with me? Here's a few of the services you can commission me for.

Custom Fractal Art - Most of my clients come to me for fractal art designs. From splashy social media banners, to exciting but abstract office art, to clothing and product designs, to music videos and album art, I've worked with clients from around the world to bring my fractal eyes to their projects.

Typical Price: $75 - $250, depending on complexity and license.

Website Design for Artists and Creators - Over the last 5 years, I've built Complicated Reality on half a dozen different platforms, from trendy hosting suites and site-builders to advanced CMS and database driven layouts, and I'm particularly good at designing portfolio sites for artists and other creators.

Whether you want a simple landing page to showcase your work and point visitors to your social media profiles, a more elaborate blog-style site featuring an easily-updated catalog of your work, or even a complicated e-commerce set-up and a membership-only area for your subscribers, I can help you build it. During a free consultation, we can discuss your goals, what level of maintenance and support you'd like, and pick a path that fits your budget.

Typical Price: $100+ page design, $20+/mo maintenance. Free consultation.

Custom One-off puzzles - From simple puzzles for gifts, to detailed puzzle encounters for your next tabletop session, I specialize in custom puzzle design. Vexing riddles, prop puzzles, and devious dungeon designs, all made specifically and uniquely for your project. Your players won't find the answers to these puzzles in a web search, or by playing another adventure I've contributed to. I'm happy to incorporate elements from your existing theme, story or setting to fit the puzzle seamlessly into your project.

Typical Price: $40 - $200, depending on complexity.

Puzzle Adventures - Like an inside-out escape room, my puzzle adventures are a series of narratively linked puzzles, prop designs, and prizes, designed for a group of players to solve, cooperatively or competitively. Each adventure is built to suit your group size, event length, and budget. I can tailor the difficulty of the adventures, whether you want a fun adventure for new puzzlers or a head-scratching challenge for logic game enthusiasts.

If you live along the I-5 corridor in Oregon, I'm even available to run the entire event for you. If not, I provide a full Puzzle Master's guide with all the details you need to run the event on your own, and tips on how to keep the adventure on track.

Typical Price: $200+ depending on complexity.

Custom AI Design - I've been working with AI generators for several years, and honed my own workflow extending my fractal designs into the AI space. From time to time, clients hire me to do this kind of work custom for them. Every project begins with a discussion about the risks of incorporating generated elements, and some guidelines about the limits of where AI fits into the design process.

Typical Price: $25-$100 depending on complexity.

Custom Poetry - My playful and sincere poetry style is a perfect compliment to many creative projects. From enchanting expressions of love or friendship, to mysterious riddles for a tabletop adventure, to silly dedications to your animals, and even help memorializing something gone from your life, I'm skilled at listening for the specific emotional tone that will best fit your needs.

Typical Price: $25+, depending on length.

Please expect a response in 2-3 days. For urgent contact, reach me on Discord: @yamen.wizard

What to Expect

As a digital, iterative artist I specialize in rapid prototyping and flexible design. Every commission begins with a conversation exploring your ideas, needs, budget and timelines. This conversation is free, but at the end I will give you a plan and a bid.

All projects require a deposit before work begins. For projects up to $100, this deposit is the full price of the project. For projects above $100, the deposit is 50% of the total project cost. I have years of happy clients to refer you to if you'd like, but the free content on my site is indicative of what I create for clients. Each bid includes drafts or revisions which will be sent to you for review. When you select a draft you like, I'll begin producing the final deliverables. That's the final, full size renders without any draft marks, the agreed license to use the art, and any supporting documentation the project requires.

If there are no drafts to your liking, we can discuss revisions to the plan and additional drafts if needed, but this is rarely required. (Note, the drafting process works differently for Puzzle, Poetry and Website clients, naturally.) Typically there's a one week turnaround for each revision.

Final payment releases final productions. I'll deliver the final files via custom, private link delivered to your email, or ship any props/products to you as needed. At that point, I will maintain that link for at least 6 months, but it is your responsibility to download and archive the deliverables for your own purposes.


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