Laser Fractal Space Magic

Playful, Surreal, Silly and Sincere

Laser Fractal Space Magic is a collection of over 79 poems written finger-on-key by Yamen between 2018 and 2022. The poems range in topics from fantastical creatures, to the challenges of technology, the thrill of curiosity, and the infinite nuance of the inner mind. There's also a poems about pinball, magic potions, and robots fighting dragons. The book is divided into two sections, the first full of poems meant for general audiences, and a back section with poems for more mature minds with a recommended age of 12+.

Artificially Illustrated

This book was produced right at the dawn of the modern AI art generator era, when Dall-E 2 first became available in the summer of 2022. As a creator who's been watching machine-learning art tech grow up for years, I was excited to use it to fulfill the long held dream to produce an illustrated poetry book. The illustrations within are a unique look back at what this tech looked like when it started making waves.

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