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A quick cup of calories when you're in the mood

open pack, open spices, mix in water to the food

Zap it for a couple minutes or boil over flame.

A tasty time that can remind you how to say my name.


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Hint 1

The answer is a type of food.

Hint 2

The first line tells you the form this food usually comes in, a "cup".

Hint 3

Do you know how to say my name? It rhymes with the answer, and it's not "Yemen".


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Tips for solving riddles:

  • Each line provides a specific detail, make sure your guesses fit every line.

  • Some riddles will require internet research, this is allowed and encouraged.

  • Some riddles describe a thing in multiple ways, or describe different things that are homonyms to each other.

  • Some riddles give you a series of instructions to follow to generate the answer.

  • My riddles don't use red herrings or gimmick answers. (For example, the answer won't be "answer".)

  • Don't be afraid to ask for a hint if you're stumped. Ask a riddle loving friend of yours, or jump into my Discord to get a hint from me directly.


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