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There's more to a fractal than a still frame can show you.

Every fractal render is neighbors to an effectively infinite number of other cool fractal patterns, and when the parameters are set up right I can make beautiful animations exploring the fractals at a deeper level. I used to upload them to various tube and social platforms, where they'd get compressed so bad that the fun details all turned into blurry soup. Fractals are almost exactly the sort of thing a bitrate limit hurts the most. But now that I'm a higher level wizard, I've moved my best videos onto a custom video host that should send them to you in the same crisp quality I designed them with.

With that quality comes a warning, some of these are large files. They're all set up for streaming, so you can watch as they download, but by then end you might be pulling down several hundred megabytes of data per video. Make sure you're on a connection where that won't be a problem before trying to wander through this garden.

Most of these were created with Fractorium, a tool with animation sequencing code from decades ago. But in the 5 years I've been using it, I've become one of the world's Fractorium animation experts, a title few have ever cared to claim. Besides Fractorium, I usually compile my videos in Da Vinci Resolve. When other tools were used, you'll see them in the descriptions.

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Fuzzbrain Field

I was recovering from a nasty tooth infection when I made this, and the kind blurry, spinny vibe is an impression of how pain meds make my brain too fuzzy. Can't say I'm a fan of the pills, but at least I made the best out of it.

Garden Spirit

Simple and gentle, this rippling bubble was a tribute to the changing colors of nature. Most of the time, cycling colors like this creates too much flashy noise for an animation, but I put a lot of work into taming the transitions.


This is an older one, I can tell because I didn't understand the spatial width filter, resulting in a slightly unfocused look. Still, these churning hexagons are quite mesmerizing.


This is the fractal base that was later stylized into Artifact. It's pretty easy to wrap some geometry up into a (fake, 2D) bubble like this, but it results in some pretty wild internal flows.


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