Wizard Coats

Wizard Coat Details

  • Sizes: XS - 4XL Size Guide
  • Outer Fabric: Micro-mink [100% polyester]
  • Lining: Ultra Soft Microfiber Sherpa Fleece [100% polyester]
  • Machine-washable [No bleach. Air Dry / Low Heat Tumble]
  • Available worldwide. Free shipping. Produced in the US.
  • Typically arrives within 3 weeks.
  • Order before Nov. 25th to ensure delivery before Dec 25th.

From skipping through the stars to wandering strange art markets, a wizard has to be ready for the winter winds. Come prepared with a Wizard Coat from a Complicated Reality. These premium hooded coats are lined with a plush, warm fleece, and come with two extra large pockets to for all your daily tools and reagents. The outer layer is sublimated for rich, full-coverage and a long-lasting design that won't crack or peel.

A Coat for Strange Spaces

Inspired by the weather patterns of Jupiter and the vivid colors of a desert sunset.


A Mushroom Druid's Coat

Inspired by fantastic fungi and the magic of nature.



Fractal inspired digital designs


Playful, subversive, sincere


Escape reality for a bit


Explore some deeper thoughts

Solve riddles, win prizes

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