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Daily Dose of Art

A oily, coffee stained sky

I will rise up, lift my eyes up,

just let me finish off a large size cup.

Once it's dried up, I'll be fired up,

but without my go juice, I'm feeling tied up.

Need to break free, I should take these

three shots of espresso then maybe

get some green tea, refill my coffee

so I can burn the foggy morning right off me.

I didn't sleep last night, it'll be alright,

but clear the way to the pot or there might be a fight.

I'm not tryin' to incite, I'm just wound too tight,

I need caffeine now, not later, I mean forthright!

Pass the sugar and cream, turn on the latte machine

let's do it up fancy with a little bit of steam,

some fresh ground beans, and water sounds mean

we're about to get down with the caffeine dream.


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Coffee Sky

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