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Daily Dose of Art

Densely packed triangular spiral paths in rainbow hues

Every time a key is hit, it sends a signal to a bit

that maps to a spot in memory until the app is quit.

And if it's the kind of data you will want to call back later

it's recorded in special order as part of something greater.

There are pointers to addresses on a drive inside the tower

so you can find the fiddly bits without searching for hours.

It's like a tree in binary, forks, splits and cascades,

reading bits off the top to determine the right ways

to chart the disc quick and recall the information

so the user isn't waiting to fulfill their imagination.

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Art &Writing:


Fractals rendered with Fractorium.

Riddle Challenge


A place for all your pictures,

a big haired hero in a game,

that which Doppler looks for,

all sharing the same name.

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