Last Updated: Oct 30th, 2019

At Complicated Reality, I respect my visitors privacy and personal data. I don't run ads on site, I don't load scripts I haven't reviewed, and I don't sell my visitor or customer data to anyone. However, even being mindful, interacting with user data is a part of the modern web.
Here are all the ways I interact with your personal data while you use the Complicated Reality website.

I¬†do not store credit card or payment details collected during checkout. Payment processing is handled through Square. You may review their privacy terms ūüóó here. I¬†DO¬†store the customer name, shipping address, and contact email address for orders. This information is NOT¬†sold or shared with any third party marketing or advertising groups.

I currently do not maintain a promotional email list or newsletter. Any email addresses collected during checkout are used to communicate about that order exclusively. If a newsletter is established at a later date, it will be exclusively opt-in and you won't be subscribed automatically.

I do enable tracking pixels or cookies for a few standardized services, detailed below. I currently do not run any sponsored ads or content on my site.
To use the site without being tracked, please enable a script blocker or review the specific details below. Please note that some script blockers will interfere with the Product Order form, and may need to be temporarily suspended to place an order.

Google Tracking

Google monitors traffic to my domain, including logging IP addresses. All data is anonymized for your protection, preventing me or anyone from tying this tracking data back to a specific person.This allows me to see where my site traffic comes from and understand the broad demographics of my visitors.

When I run marketing promotions for Complicated Reality, this data is used to help me find relevant audiences. I do not sell this data directly, but Google does aggregate this data and shares it with advertising partners.

You may opt-out of Google's tracking more thoroughly by using the Opt Out Tool. Otherwise, it is safe to browse Complicated Reality with a script blocker / privacy manager enabled. I do not rely on any complicated tracking to share art with you.

Facebook Tracking

Facebook tracking is currently not enabled on Complicated Reality. This may change, and if it does, this page will too. I do regularly promote my work through an official Facebook business account, any activity there will naturally be within their purview.

Paperform Order Form

My Order form is operated using the Paperform platform. Payments are processed securely through Square. Other form submission data is kept securely in accordance to Paperform's security policies. I do NOT store payment details, for your security.