Last Updated: March, 2020

I try to keep the amount of embedded scripts to a minimum, but my site can collect data though the following means. Please enable script-blocking if you'd prefer not to be tracked by third parties, but note that certain site features like share buttons might not appear properly.

I do not maintain user accounts on Complicated Reality. This isn't a social platform, so I don't bother making you register to engage with and explore my content. This does not mean your browsing is anoynomous, only that I don't ask you to identify yourself to interact with the page.

If you place an order, that order is processed securely through Webflow (the hosting platform) and my payment processors, Square, Stripe, and Paypal (depending on the payment you select at checkout). This means I do not have access to your credit card or account information. I will receive your name, address, and other details necessary to process the order, and those are saved in my business records for up to 7 years. I do not sell this data to any third-parties, and supplying an e-mail address at checkout doesn't automatically sign you up for my mailing list.

Currently I do not engage in email promotion, but that will likely change. If you opt-in to subscribe to my newsletter, I will retain your email address in a mailing list to be used for future promotions. I will not sell this mailing list to third-parties, but I may utilize third-parties to process and access it for the purposes of sending out the newsletter. I respect your inbox, and will send no more than 2 promotional emails per week. If you'd like to be removed from the newsletter mailing list, send Yamen an email or click the Unsubscribe link at the bottom of the most recent Complicated Reality email in your inbox.

My site utilizes a standard tracking pixels from Google and Facebook. These helps me analyze the traffic to my site, but also lets both Google and Facebook detect that you are visiting my site. Please enable a script-blocker if you'd prefer to use the site without this tracking, but note that doing so may interfere with some site functionality. In addition, the social Share and Follow buttons throughout the site are maintained by the third party ShareThis, a popular share-button generation service.

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