A lightweight party game about scientific observation, creative theories, and impossible science.

The scientists have created a machine that can make anything, but they don't know what it will make each time they turn it on. For safety, the object is created in a dark lab, sealed off from all direct forms of observation until it can be identified.

Players take the role of researchers, crafting theories about the summoned object based on peculiar observations. As more data is revealed, players will hone their guesses, aiming to create theories that fit as much data as possible.

Can you come up with one object that fits all three observations?

  • Players: 2 - 8
  • Length: 15-20 minutes
  • Recommended for ages 8+


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To reduce waste, online purchases are produced through The Game Crafter and printed-to-order. This can take a while. Want it sooner? I sell the game in-person at Market for the Strange events in Oregon.

Easy to Learn, Quick to Play

With a focus on creative thinking, Science in the Dark is fun to play at a party with friends, as a classroom activity, or as an icebreaker at social events. You never quite know what wild theories other players will come up with, and comparing your choices at the end is a great way to learn about how your friends think.

Science Made Fun

The science theme of the game extends down to the core mechanic of working with the data you have to create theories of what could be. The flow of the game loosely resembles the processes of research, publication, presentation and peer review. The open-ended structure encourages players to discuss different ways to interpret the observations and encourages out-of-the-box theory crafting.

A Portable Package

The game box unfolds to reveal the rules and the deck of observation cards. When the game is over, the box folds back up around the cards. Set up and clean up takes mere seconds, and the game can be played anywhere with room for 10 cards and a deck.

Each player only needs a small paper and pen to play, though a calculator can speed up scoring.

A self-published passion project

Science in the Dark is a self-published game from a Complicated Reality. Refined over two years of playtesting, this game is built out of my own love, sweat and dreams.

No generative AI was used to create this game, unless you count spell-check.


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Playful, subversive, sincere


Escape reality for a bit


Explore some deeper thoughts

Solve riddles, win prizes

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