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Daily Dose of Art

A surreal mashup of texture and color

Is he busy? Is he lazy? Did he just plain forget?
I've been checking all day on his site on the net.
There's a schedule that he keeps, a pace that he set
but he hasn't updated his status or posted anything yet.
Should we worry? Or call someone? Or wait another day?
If he wanted to take a break, that's all he had to say.
I don't want to pester, I just hope he is OK,
I can't help but wonder when my online friends go away.

Art on Demand

Every Daily Dose of Art is available for purchase as paper and metal art prints, tapestries, blankets, clothing, and more. Every order is designed by hand to perfectly fit the selected product for incredible print quality, and I'm happy to accommodate alterations and customizations. Navigate to the design you want, and use the form below to place an order.

"Face Melt" Tapestry"Juliaflower Tea" Shirt"Data Sphere" Canvas"Fidget" Blanket

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