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Daily Dose of Art

Shimmering ribbons in unreal arrangements

I gotta tell you the grind has left me feeling wrung out

and it's been far too long since you and I hung out.

When you're off tonight why don't you come around,

we can light a couple up before we knock a couple down.

We'll laugh at some dumb clips, open up some Sun Chips,

and I've got a bag of beef jerky that you're welcome to unzip.

We can roast the fading memories of the jerks at work,

or take a walk to the corner store so you can flirt with the clerk.

If you've got a heavy load we can always talk it over,

and if you need a place to rest some tears, I've got a shoulder.

How about after a little heavy heart to heart,

we blow each other apart in some Mario Kart?

Or we could battle brains with my shelf of board games

or we can toast marshmallows over some open flames

and sip hot chocolate and just talk a bit,

I'm not really that picky, if you're mocking it,

you can take a pick, we'll do whatever you'd like

I'd just really like to see you over here tonight.

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