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Daily Dose of Art

An intricate flower mandala with a stained glass look.

She doesn't always notice when I stare in adoration,
but when she does she smiles back with no hesitation.
It soothes my soul every time her smile is on display
like when she distracts me from work and reminds me to go play.
She rubs my muscles when they're sore, she isn't bothered by my snore,
and she's my first pick navigator at the grocery store.
If I could bottle up her giggles I could be a billionaire,
but I'm content to settle hearing them filling up the air.
She has a heart that produces love a lot better than most,
she's the best best friend and an amazing host.
I don't mean to boast, I just want to testify
that I'm a lucky guy with an amazing lady at my side.

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Fractals rendered with Fractorium.

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