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Daily Dose of Art

A brain shape filled with a stormy mountain scene

Ready reader? it's time for a riddle round!

This one's just to spread a little fun around.

So gather round and listen close to the hints

then put your answer down in the comments.

We each have one of these, but they aren't all the same

and the answer I'm looking for is the specific name

of the one that always found its way on to the screen

to be your Very Happy Sitter, do you know what I mean?

It's the one you always picked, time after time,

rewind it again, memorized every line.

What was the name of the one you would choose?

Mine had some turtles spilling secrets about ooze.

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Fractals rendered with Fractorium.

Riddle Challenge


A place for all your pictures,

a big haired hero in a game,

that which Doppler looks for,

all sharing the same name.

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