Algae Rhythms

This poem can be listened to.


We liked to talk a lot and so we thought that we were able

to make the process easier with underwater cables

which carried signals quickly across Atlantic tides.

The same waves where wicked seaweed resides.

About the time got around to digitizing data

seaweed figured out that certain signals sounded greater,

and started growing near the cables closer to seafloors.

They groove out to our network traffic, out under the shores.

For a couple decades, it all worked well enough.

We kept on laying lines, the weeds kept on sprouting up.

We send them megabyte meters with an 8-bit beat.

Over time they'd come to find specific patterns super sweet.

They like it when we tweet, when we bicker and we beef.

So they integrated with the cables, grew right through the sheath!

They learned to churn the networks for the tastiest noise.

With seaweed in the middle, humans didn't have a choice.

We didn't even notice, we were too busy making posts

complaining about exposure and whoever got the most.

We blame human behavior and code implementations

and sneak suspicious stares at the super-corporations.

While we point our fingers, seaweed’s tugging on our strings

I'm telling you, these Algae Rhythms ruin everything.

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