Reality is Complicated

Believing things is simple, finding truth is tricky.

Reality is in between, it gets complicated quickly.

I can't tell you how it is, only show you how I see it,

but every time I take a closer look I find a deeper secret.

I make crafts with fractal math, mixing chaos and equations.

Simple rules and special tools make stunning presentations.

I wonder if the world outside my screen is just the same,

iterated patterns in some cosmic chaos game?

But even if we are, I've found a niche that works for me,

exploring all the nuance, and sharing what I see.

Sometimes it's with a render, sometimes it's with a poem,

sometimes it's with a story of explorers far from home.

And sometimes it's with a question, or a smile or a wink,

that let's you know I know you know there's more than what we think.

Feel free to take a look at some of the stuff that I've created

while I explore the simple truth that Reality is Complicated.

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A Poetic Introduction

Enjoying my poetry? I have over 70 of my best poems from 2018-2022 in a collection called Laser Fractal Space Magic. Available digitally and in paperback.


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