Thirteen Seconds

It takes thirteen seconds for my signal to transmit

light speed enabled thanks to quantized bits.

Propagating pathways through the interplanetary mesh.

When I hit the other end, I get compiled back to messy flesh.

While I'm a streak of photons, my body isn't really there,

I'm experiencing the universe with my senses fully bare.

I resonate with Saturn's ring, I ride Jupiter's waves.

I tune myself according to our sunlight's golden laser rays.

I'd call it an eternity, if it happened any faster.

While I'm in it, hard to say what comes before or after.

I'd call it just an instant, if it didn't end so quick,

gray matter isn't optimized so light speed thinking doesn't stick.

I head out to the broadcast station, when I want to really stretch,

and get out past the atmosphere so I can finally catch my breath.

In between the planets I can manage to appear alright,

because I shed all of my shadows, shining as coherent light.

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