Grab a bag of quarters,

it's a quarter past 4.

Past the food court,

arcade, second floor.

Where you pay a couple coins

to play a couple minutes.

Longer if you win it,

If you don't, turn’s finished.

10 second countdown, 

did you bring a little more?

It can take a lot of change 

to try to topple top scores.

Pack pixels in your pupils,

bash buttons with your digits.

The inputs might be limited,

the combos are infinite.

Win some ticket strips

in the carnival row

Turn them in with your friends

for a prize before you go.

No snacking near the cabinets.

Keep the joysticks clean.

And you're banned if you bump

on the pinball machines!

UV lights

behind RGB screens,

with CRT flicker

and LED beams.

I’m in before dinner,

still playing after sunset.

Pockets stocked with credits

so no, I'm not done yet!

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