Artist Statement

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It's the little bit of everything that isn't what it seems,

The space between two places that is only half a dream.

A suspicion that there's universes in-between the seams,

and peculiar patterns that would rather not show what they mean.

My machines make patterns, I'm the pilot for parameters.

I'm bigger picture duty, bots handle small diameters.

I'm a pixel manager with a penchant for pentameters,

examiner of chances, grabbing glances of what can occur.

Mechanical creations with a human mind behind the wheel

churning through the formulas to turn imaginary real.

I get exotic with chaotic iterators to reveal

the wonder lurking under number sequences surreal.

I'm on a journey learning worthy ways to get specific,

rendering some copies of exquisites to exhibit.

I keep 'em for the minds like mine who like to come and visit.

The world is complicated, don't get jaded or you'll miss it.

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A Poetic Introduction

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