Days In May

Give me the sun and a windy day

with gusts tugging at my shirt as if I'm blowing away.

I catch some extra gold when I'm bathed in rays

and I've got a couple thoughts about the end of May:

It's a sunrise made for lighter sleepers.

Watch the glow line, see it steady sweeping

golden hazes race down tree trunks

tasting breezes between leaves

that look amazing.

It's warmer than it's been but it still gets a little cold

There is sun up on my skin and distant storms are in my bones

If I'm alone, I'm roaming through the flowers

Or if there's showers I might nap and it might take a couple hours.

Snag a sandwich and a stroll in the early PM

where I can pick a favorite bird and pretend I'm just a friend.

Stop and squawk, or walk in flock.

We still got a couple of blocks of good weather

And nothing on the clock,

so we're headed there together.

Treading lightly towards greener spaces

in between the shining cityscapes

It's a big escape for city kids.

But it's a safer place for wild kin.

Find the smiles brightening

as eyes and strides both start widening.

I'm hiding in the hazy dreams.

I'm feeling great not being seen.

Behind the scene I'm chasing streams

of photons made away from screens.

So I'll take a breeze and a setting sun

and watch the colors bleed as the shadows run.

The sky's undone when the stars start to play

on one of thirty-one mellow days in May.

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