Just a Stubbed Toe

Just walking along and I stubbed my stupid toe.

Should only hurt a little but the pain starts to grow

little drone from a bottom bone rises to the top

settles in the head, and then just doesn't want to stop.

It was just a little impact, nothing even broken

but that shaking in my voice is the pain left unspoken.

Long after my feet are ready to get steppin'

I'm still feeling unsteady, fixated on the lesson.

Should have watched my step, should have worn shoes.

Shouldn't have gotten up, or tried to cross the room.

shouldn't even have feet if all they do is trip!

Hold on. Slow down. It's a toe, get a grip.

It's just a stubbed toe, it's just a little pain.

It doesn't need to set up camp way up in the brain.

It's just a stubbed toe, and a glass of spilled drink.

And that awkward chat I had with a friend last week.

And it's just a stubbed toe, and a bare bank account,

and a friend far away in pain that I can't help out,

and a week of bad sleep, and that pinch in my back

I'm beginning to think it's a panic attack.

It was just a stubbed toe, but I guess that's all it takes

now I'm swimming in the deep end of the pool of my mistakes

and I've got the goggles on, but my eyes are getting wet

so I focus on my breath and float on top of the regrets

I'll make it in the end, we've all seen this show before.

Wiped out and washed up on some virtual shore.

When I wake back up, please don't mind if I go slow

if you catch me treading carefully, I'm just watching every toe.

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