Sentinels vs Dragons

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Robots in the skies with a million glowing eyes.

They were sent to the planet to scout and analyze.

Biggest of the lizards couldn't stand the noise,

so it started snapping circuit boards like tiny plastic toys.

That's how the war got started, it's been going on for days

streaks of hot fire weaving through lethal rays.

It's amazing to see but it's hard to really guess

whether it's better to have wings or shiny metal jets.

I'm not taking bets, I'm too busy taking cover

As the titans of this planet do battle with each other.


I've been here for a week now, and the battle never stops.

Every few minutes hear another robot drop,

hear another dragon screaming fire in the sky

and eerie quiet for a moment when a dragon finally dies.

I've cooked my meals on embers and exposed energy cores

and I've learned to sleep at night in spite of battle roars.

My ship is going nowhere when the skies are scorching hot

so watching lizards battle bots is all that I've really got.


These dragons, I think, are more than they seem

How else could they stay in the fray with machines?

and how come I never find a body on the ground?

I don't travel too far, but I took a look around

all I found was scrapped machines and debris

no bones or scales to be found, anywhere that I could see.

And I swear I've seen them glitch, it's not imagination

I think they are projections of some kind of simulation.

Maybe it's martial training for the metal battle mind?

Or maybe it's entertainment where they kill to pass the time?

Either way, I don't see it ending any time soon.

So it's time to fly away, go chill on an empty moon.

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