Shiny Future

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Apocalypse, dystopia, a planet full of ash?

Stories are rather certain that the smiling won't last.

I don't think it's wrong to look carefully ahead

but don't forget that futures might be brighter yet, instead.

Greedy burning planet, critiques aren't a thing I lack,

but my present optimism is a curve that isn't flat.

Generations iterate, progress exponentiates

Normal doesn't catch up, 'cause tomorrow doesn't want to wait.

We're accustomed to a system that tries to treat us all the same,

but what's it gonna look like when the system has a brain?

When service isn't standardized, it's tailored to your needs

and delivered by machines that don't need to sleep or feed?

My generation watched the next one grow up soaked in internet,

and welcomed in the sharpest, kindest, coolest generation yet.

Now there's kids with access to a bot that won't get bored

by the endless queries about the world that older folks ignore.

We grew up waiting to be beamed up to the Enterprise,

We want that shiny future, this isn't a surprise.

I won't say singularity, but artificial's there it seems,

and acceleration's not quite certain, but it's almost guaranteed.

While we should all get ready for an economic spout,

I doubt the costly bastards at the top will have an easy out.

Power's coming cheaply, we better spread it wide,

defuse confusing propaganda, shatter shallow sides.

Cause we might hitch a ride on AI as its growing up

but only if we don't give in, and dedicate to showing up.

Open up the gates, get a level for the playing field,

imagine better, build it, share it, utilize the tools we wield.

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