Frozen Rain

Whipping tentacles of silver rain spray in stormy winds of blue and black.

Fresh Eyes

A glowing orange orb hovers in a bubble surrounded by a curvy green background cut by a wavy yellow ribbon.


A brilliant yellow sun with a woven, geometric core emits smaller photons of a similar construction against a wavy blue sky.

Rainbow Factories

Clouds are only grey on average.

Fresh Freeze

What should we do on a snow day?

Garden Magic, part 1

A young magician hones his craft in secret, but can it last?

Silver Rain

Let me tell you about my favorite kind of rain.

Smoky Orangefruit

A vivid orange flower bursting against an abstract, smoky background


A spiral of warmly glowing, abstract leaves in citrus colors.

The Tree it was Supposed To Be

A tree is a good reminder of the difference between knowledge and right.

The Bandits and The Monks

Two monks travel under threat of bandits in this parable about anxiety.