Sunset Resonator

Three designs with machine-like textures and geometric accents.

Synthetic Universe

Hollow planetary bubbles float in a glowing nebula of soft orange and pink, against a deep blue space background.

Quadruple Jeopardy

Did you see that really strange episode of Jeopardy?

Special Bits

When the humans are gone, data collection takes on a new meaning.

Soul Server

Dark blue tendrils swarm towards a neon green central funnel shape where human-shaped souls are processed and sent on their way.

Deep Mysteries

A lost astronaut analyzes a sample of.. water?

Long Journeys

A lost astronaut scouts the terrain from atop a rocky precipice.

Strange Lands

A lost traveler scouts the dunes of the alien planet she's found herself on.

I Knew a Time Traveler Once, and Sometimes

A story about a friend I sometimes have, and sometimes don't.

Dragons vs Sentinels

A fierce battle between fiery dragons and giant robot sentinels.

Out Past the Air

A trippy astronaut ponders a cosmic mystery in one of my most popular designs.