Cat's Eye

A fiery cat eye emblem


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Perched up high, or hiding low, Harley keeps a watch,

and when the puppies rile up, she takes them down a notch.

She rushes in, hackles raised to play the referee,

though she's small, she stands tall when dogs get too rowdy.

She might let you pet her, for only a stroke or two,

unless you sleep, when she'll climb up, and sleep on top of you.

Her best friend's name is Ollie, an all grey sweetie pie,

who likes to spend her days sunbathing, then out to hunt at night.

When you walk towards her, she'll turn for belly rubs,

and fill the air with purrs to let you know she's full of love.

Ollie's mother couldn't care for her, but Harley took her in,

even found a way to nurse her, and raise her as a friend.

Now they claim domain over all my studio,

when you come to visit next, please be sure to say hello.

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Art and Writing: 
Fractal rendered with Fractorium.