A flower in transition


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As a chaos bender, I have certain insight,

about how things find new beauty, under different light.  

It can be a little strange, letting go of preconceptions,

but I prefer where I wind up when I'm open to new directions.

It used to make me worry, I'd try to make a guess,

and get distracted chasing after the outcomes I'd expect.

But now before I render a final resolution,

I give each design some time to show off some new solutions.

I abandon expectations, I snap pictures of permutations

that show me secrets I could never grasp with hesitation.

If you judged me by the versions I have stored on my hard drive,

you'd see all the carcasses I use to bring my art to life.

Don't mourn those lost creations, don't call it sacrifice,

It's not loss, it learning, and I'm always open to advice.

And I like to share it, so listen if this is ringing true,

If you're facing down some changes, this one's about you too.

It's OK to roll the dice, it's OK to rearrange,

It's OK to find yourself by submersing in the strange,

Watching what floats back up, and what just melts away,

rebuilding your foundations, and deciding to have a say,

in the kind of thing you turn into, the kind of thing you'll be.

Whatever that is, have faith, you'll still be a friend to me.

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Art and Writing: 
Fractal rendered with Fractorium.