Smoking Circle

Spiraling spirograph flowers in a reminiscent leafy shape and soft vapor tones.


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Pile around, pack some ground, let's fire up a smoking circle,
You brought some Blue Dream, I brought a little Purple.
I'm puffing on the fire and want to spit it verbal
like lexicon expanding, I'm talking universal
I think if I tried I could write a couple bars
that weave tight rhymes in the script of the stars
and the aliens would see it and they'd come to ask
if they could get a hit of that dank ass grass.
We'll throw a big party for them it'll be insane
With a big.. wait, sorry, what was I saying?
Aliens? Parties? Sorry, I think I think it's gone,
but there's still a bit of green left in the bong.
Burn out the last bit, I'm already feeling great,
I think I"ll let my brain take a break and just marinate
in the sauna of marijuana I've got going in my head.
I just can't stop laughing at that thing you said!
Buds are looking smokey, smiles looking easy,
but my tongue wants a run on something kinda greasy.
We're not going anywhere, we better make our peace
so I'll order us a pizza and you can each palm a piece.
We'll watch Ross make trees, and kung-fu movies
and do what you please cause we got no duties.
Out in the studio it's a stoner's delight
when we draw the circle closed and spark up the light.

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Art and Writing: 
Fractal rendered with Fractorium.