Window Flower

A spiral flower of stained glass panes


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At first, we were timid in the ways we used nanoglass. Telling a window to change color, or open itself, or become a screen were all pretty straight-forward applications. That was until Leah Ravinni unveiled Skyflower at the Global Gala in Madrid. A retrofit business skyscraper covered in nanoglass windows which looked completely indistinct during the day, but at night it blossomed into a whirling, stunning array of translucent color, forming a monumental spiral flower in the sky perched atop an iron stem. The reveal took the world by storm, and is considered to be the beginning of the now ubiquitous field of "pane-less" nanoglass art. All over the world, the artistically motivated installed windows and displays that would come alive into elaborate structures, layered illusions, and rainbow parades. Street markets were elaborately decorated with prismatic reflections and shapes that brought just the right color of light to each product on the table. Hipster glasses animate emoji responses in the lenses. Humans and technology have a shaky history full of abuse, misuse, and harm, but pane-less art was a shining beacon of the beauty we can make together.

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Art and Writing: 
Fractal rendered with Fractorium.