Hazy Future

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This design was originally published with the following lore:

I may be laying down but I'm not trying to be lazy,

heart extra heavy means my brain is a little hazy,

and the thoughts that I get caught on are feeling kinda crazy,

I don't cling on, instead I dump them but it leaves me feeling spacey.

I promise if you wait a bit I'm gonna bounce back.

Motivation to continue has never been a thing I lack.

I'll work off the debt of sadness until I'm back in the black,

Some distractions and some nappin' make up my plan of attack.

Some wounds will heal with time, others only seem to fade

until I find another reason to let them claim a day.

I can build up walls and try to keep them all away

but eventually they become obstacles in my way.

And I don't really hurdle well, flipped over like turtle shell

I'll flail about and even yell about the temporary hell,

but I have friends who know to help and flip me back to feeling well

so even though it seems I fell I'll be OK as time will tell.

Hugs are appreciated, well wishes are always kind.

If you grab on to my attention, I probably won't mind,

but the expression on my face might look undefined,

I've got no smile for a while, but it will come back in time.

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