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This design was originally published with the following lore:

Buddy the dog was adventuring and came across a magic lamp, and accidentally summoned a genie.

"Good boy! You've released me, now you get three wishes. What ever your heart desires, just ask" the genie announced.

Buddy thought for a moment. His human was always worried about having enough food for Buddy, so he wished that he didn't need food anymore.

"Granted! I'm surprised, most dogs first wish is a bunch of treats, but I guess you don't need those now."

Treats?! Buddy almost forgot how good treats were. He didn't want to give up on treats! So he wished that he could still eat if he wanted, when there was tasty food.

"Granted" the genie said with a chuckle. "You won't go hungry, but you may eat to your hearts content. What else?"

Buddy was still thinking about treats from his human. Treats usually meant happy pets, sometimes belly rubs! Buddy wished he could be home with his human getting attention.

"So be it. Good bye, kind creature."

Buddy was back at home, in the room with all the soft seats. Human came in to the room. "Oh, there you are, Buddy! I've been looking for you! It's dinner time, aren't you hungry?"

Buddy tried hard to let the human know he didn't need to eat, but his excited wiggles and tail wags only made the human hurry to the bowl.

"There's not much left, we gotta make it last. OK Buddy?" human asked, pouring a bunch of kibble out.

Buddy looked at the bowl. His human loved him so much, he always found a way to feed Buddy. Even if he didn't need to. Buddy walked over to his human and nuzzled his hands.

"Haha, hi there" human said with a smile. "Can I help you?"

Buddy pushed against his human's belly until human sat down and made a lap, then Buddy climbed up and rolled over.

"You just need some pets, huh? Alright. Who's a good boy?" human said, starting the most wonderful belly rubs.

Buddy may not be able to explain everything to his human, but as least he can still say "I love you" loud and clear.

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