Mermaid Stash

Stylized with Deep Dream Generator
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This design was originally published with the following lore:

A pearl doesn't come that way, it starts off very small

and rough and not the kind of thing you'd want to keep at all.

it's only when it's coated in countless layers of nacre

and polished smooth within the careful clutch of its maker

that it becomes the treasured ball of beauty that we've come to know.

I think about this often when a story starts to grow

in my mind, a parasite asking to be fed

sustaining on the brain waves bouncing in my head

but even if it's tricky, sticky, icky or complicated

if I let it simmer the idea will percolate.

I'll lacquer on the polish, fill in the cracks,

spin it around and buff it out with some wax

until I have something precious and special to give

and I share it everywhere because that's how I want to live.

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