Rendered with Fractorium.
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This design was originally published with the following lore:

Welcome to the field, steely, ready to play?

Your job is to make points up on the display.

Don't get distracted by the lights and sound,

just bounce against everything you find around,

toggle every button and swish through every spinner

light up every bonus light and you'll surely be the winner

You're hard enough to take it, stay shiny through the pain

the only thing to fear, sphere, is what happens down the drain.

Stick to the flippers, because once you go under,

all that you are is reduced to a number.

A few bits of memory, just a part of the score,

while your body gets polished up and readied for more.

If the quarters stop coming, trigger the end-game

sound the final fanfare then reset the mainframe.

Flash across the circuits, and we're back to the beginning

because the purpose comes from playing, don't seek it in the winning.


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