Secret Garden

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This design was originally published with the following lore:

If you dive deep enough, you just might find

a secret tucked in to a corner of my mind.

It's less of a room, more like an open space,

See, things will grow in this sacred place.

The soil here is fertile, it's where I plant my thoughts

and the jungle's living proof, I do this bit a lot.

Once the seed is settled, I can walk away,

the garden does the work while I go off and play.

On another day, I come back to see

if there's a new blossom waiting for me.

The flowers of inspiration, the vines of creativity

bushes of solved problems, all offered up for free.

If I tend to the garden and give it a little room

it rewards me and fulfills me with each and every bloom.

So please don't assume you have to take the brunt,

of making all your thinking happen up front.

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