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Rendered with Fractorium.
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This design was originally published with the following lore:

The Stitcher Witch of Saratoga skimps out on the screams

Instead she spreads dread by threading magic in the seams.

Merchant on the move with a montage of modern fashion

and a charming story about trying to make a living out of passion.

But cough up coin with caution, these colors come with curses.

Dresses with hexes, vexing vests, perilous purses,

spell-drenched sarongs, voodoo hoodies, haunted hats,

double damned duster jackets, and sacrilegious slacks.

A man purchased some gloves, with clear mischief on his mind

now they never come off, he has to wear them all the time.

A lady lifted a little lace longing to lure her lovers,

but now beds fill up with sand when she's underneath the covers.

A business man rushed in to buy a birthday bonnet for his poor wife,

and he won't say why but cries it was the worst mistake of his whole life.

Her customers get receipts, but they don't really know the price

and she's careful not to set up shop in the same place twice.

Support your local artisans, it's true they aren't really rich,

but spare the silver if you should sight upon the Stitcher Witch.

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