Still Up

Rendered with Fractorium.
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This design was originally published with the following lore:

I'm friends with benefits with this girl named Slumber.
When I want to sleep around, I hit up her number
like "Hey Dreamy, I miss you, wanna be my cuddle buddy?"
But lately she's been busy so I've been feeling pretty cruddy.
Like I just lie there still awake body buzzing full of tension
telling my brain to quit it like an inner intervention.
But my mind takes its time, unwinding far too slowly,
every time I start to slip to sleep it finds something to show me
like I'm working through a checklist of the stresses that I keep
as if checking on each one is gonna help me get to sleep.
Eventually the sleep dust piles up in my eyes
as she slips into my room just before the sunrise
with a gentle "sorry baby, I'm here now, let's get it done"
and I take what I can get until I'm awoken by the sun.
If you're checking on my numbers, it might sound like mere minutes
but if it's only 60 times that, it isn't better, is it?
Either way, it's not enough, so pretty soon I'm back awake,
so Slumber baby tell me please, what's it gonna take
to get a whole night with you? How's this for a tease:
I want to pin you down and tuck you in and make some hard Zs.

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