Three Wishes

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This design was originally published with the following lore:

If I had three wishes, knowing me I'd probably overthink
and have a draft of wish one ready sometime late next week.
But if the genie was in a rush, and I had to pick real quick,
without getting tripped up on min/maxing the ethics,
I'd wish for a portal that could take me to my sis
up in Seattle so it was easier to take a little visit.
I could fix up her computer, she could fix a little dinner
we could have a Mario Party and roll up another winner.
I'd wish for a giant bed with a little slot I could roll over
so when I cuddle with my girl, there's a space for my shoulder
I could hold her all night long, without my arm going numb
no pins and needles, between my arm and I, I'll be the sleepy one.
For my final wish I would install a special oven in the wall,
with a terminal interface that I could instruct to call
into existence the ingredients to make a pizza pie
and bake it super quick in any given size.
You could come and visit, I'll cook up the perfect slice.
I guess that's how I'd spend my wishes if I wasn't thinking twice.

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