Complicated Reality is designed to be safe to visit.


I want Complicated Reality to be a fun, safe, and relaxing corner of the internet, where you can browse my art and writings without worrying about having your info sold to marketing agencies, targeted advertisements, or data breaches. I do pay attention to the trends of the traffic that visit my site, but the only time I actively collect personal information from you on this site is when you subscribe to my e-mail list. Otherwise, personal information about you is anonymized. Read on to learn more about the specific ways I interact with your data.


My site is built on the Webflow platform. They provide automatic cookie management, including the permissions pop-up you may have encountered. I do not write any specialized information to your cookies, but Webflow will store a cookie with basic details about your last visit. The site should function just fine with cookies disabled.

Email Subscribers

When you sign up for my e-mail list, you're giving me permission to send you e-mails about my art, writing, projects, and promotions. I respect your inbox, which to me means I will not send excessive messages, messages disguised as personal contacts or emergencies, and I will not sell access to your inbox with third-party marketers. I will use a service, currently Mail Chimp, to help me organize and send my e-mail updates, so your address and name will be shared internally there, but I've chosen Mail Chimp because they have a longstanding positive reputation for handling millions of subscription emails per month, safely and securely.


I do not currently offer purchases directly on However, I do link to digital storefronts that carry my art, such as ArtStation and Art of Where. When you make a purchase at my storefront on one of those sites, the transaction is processed by and subject to the policies of the site operators. While I hope you will let me know if anything you order arrives in a less than satisfactory condition, ultimately replacements, returns, and refunds will be handled by the site the purchase was made from. I have carefully picked print partners that I have personally tested, and trust to produce the highest quality print products using fair labor and environmentally conscious production facilities.